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E-9990 CV Machine Vises
The E-9990 Lock Tight CV Precision Machine Vises offer extremely high precision and rigidity. All vises of the same jaw width are matched pair with average tolerance within 0.01mm. The main body, made of ductile cast iron and in a compact single piece construction, offers high rigidity. The vises are available in both mechanical and hydraulic operations.  View Product Here..
E-9940 5 Axis Machine Vises
The E-9940 Lock Tight 5 Axis Machine Vises are specially designed for use on 5 Axis Milling Machines. Its specially designed construction avoids interference with the main spindle and thus allowing the length of cutting tools to be shortened. This leads to reduction in production time. Inter-changeable jaw plates can be selected according to the clamping requirement of the work-piece. View Products Here..
E-9939 Magnetic Chucks
E-9939 Permanent Electro-Magnetic Chuck uses Neodymium magnets for its magnetic poles. Generates strong magnetic clamping force of 6150N but will not attract chips. The all metal surface sealed and protects the magnetic poles as well as electric wiring from coolant. Unlike traditional magnetic chucks, there is no resin and brass – thus ensuring excellent durability. Easy to operate and comes with a wide range of accessories for clamping work-pieces with uneven surfaces.  View Product Here..
E-9775 FA Machine Vises
Our E-9775 Lock Tight FA Precision Machine Vises are entry level vises, which offer value for money. Competitively prices and yet they are hydraulically operated – giving high clamping pressure, while maintaining extremely high level of precision. Available in 2 sizes - Jaw Width of 125mm and 150mm with Jaw Opening of 200mm and 260mm respectively  View Product Here..
E-9472 Plastic Clamp Sets
ERON E-9472, the World’s First Clamping Kit for 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine. The Flanged Nuts; Plain Clamps; Step Clamps & Step Blocks are made of engineering plastics, while the Stud Bolts from Aluminum with alumite coating. The softer but tough materials prevent damages to the work-pieces and granite surface of 3D CMM. View product HERE..
E-9412 Clamping Set-Up Kits
E-9412 offer one of the widest assortments of clamping elements, including Flanged Nuts; T-Slot Nuts; Coupling Nuts; Step Clamps; Step Blocks and Stud Bolts. Heat treated to ensure durability. Sales of individual elements are available.  View product HERE..
E-9275L LT150L Lock Tight Precision Machine Vises
E-9275L/LT150L also known as E-275L/LT680 because of its 6ins. (151mm) Jaw Width and 8ins.(207mm) Jaw Opening. This precise and versatile machine vise is competitively priced. Users pay the price similar to a 150mm machine vise and yet are able to clamp large work-pieces. A really good bargain!  View product HERE..